What is ZyMöt ICSI?

The ZyMöt ICSI system is a device that makes it possible to select the spermatozoids with the best motility and morphology, fewer oxygen reactive species and lower double strand DNA fragmentation for In Vitro Fertilisation treatment.
ZyMöt ICSI | URE Centro Gutenberg

When is ZyMöt ICSI indicated?

ZyMöt ICSI is a very useful method in patients with elevated sperm DNA fragmentation but good sperm motility, as it helps to select the best quality spermatozoids.

Generally speaking, use of ZyMöt ICSI is indicated for sperm samples with high double strand DNA fragmentation, an abnormality that may lead to continuous failures in assisted reproduction techniques and recurrent miscarriage. Nonetheless, we must keep in mind that this is an experimental technique which is still being researched.

The ZyMöt ICSI Procedure

ZyMöt ICSI is a mechanism consisting of two chambers connected by a microfluidic channel. The sperm is placed directly in the inlet chamber, and half an hour later the spermatozoids that reach the collection chamber are selected.

These spermatozoids are chosen individually and have low fragmentation levels. Once the spermatozoids have been selected, ICSI is carried out as usual.

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