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35 years of experience in reproductive medicine

The Gutenberg Centre Reproduction Unit (URE) was established in Malaga in 1987. Just two years later we successfully achieved the very first IVF pregnancy in the province, making us one of Spain’s top clinics for innovation and expertise. According to data from the Spanish Fertility Society, our fertility clinic performs the greatest number of assisted reproduction treatments in the province of Malaga.

We perform the simplest of procedures, such as Artificial Insemination, to the most sophisticated, such as IVF, PGD and Egg Donation, while constantly investing in cutting‑edge technologies.

Many women and couples with fertility issues have trusted in us and achieved their dream of becoming parents thanks to diagnostic‑therapeutic methods and assisted reproduction techniques.

URE Centro Gutenberg is a family clinic, evidenced by our history throughout the years and by the empathy and compassion we show our patients. We don’t belong to a larger group. Our objectives always include the words “pregnancy”, “wellbeing” and “patient”. We are by your side throughout the process.

Six reasons to help you

35 years of experience

We’re a family clinic and one of Spain’s top specialised fertility centres. We know how things were done before, how things are done now and we prepare ourselves every day for what is to come.

We work with people

We are aware of the emotional burden that accompanies fertility issues and we’ll make sure you feel safe and comfortable. Each case is unique and different, so you can expect to receive personalised, compassionate care from us.

Positive results

95% of our patients rate us as excellent. For many years we have collaborated with the Spanish Fertility Society’s Registry by sending them our data on results and techniques.

Our team

Our professionals work as a team. Physicians, biologists, nurses and assistants all bring admirable professional backgrounds to the table. Our staff receive continuing education which keeps us up to date.

Always on the cutting edge

We offer the most advanced of techniques and use the best equipment in order to optimise success rates. We regularly attend meetings and conferences on the latest medical advances.


Collaboration and transparency

We believe in being fully transparent when disclosing information and data. Our medical team collaborates with the local and national press, clinical studies, publications and other high level scientific media.

Our Facilities

Over six hundred square metres of modern and well-kept facilities. For your convenience, every step of treatment will be carried out here: from the beginning with your first consultation to the completion of your treatment.

We offer a completely equipped Andrology Laboratory where we carry out all the necessary sperm testing. We also have a modern and well equipped operating theatre where we perform daily surgeries such as egg retrievals, embryo transfers and other procedures that form part of your treatment.

Our in vitro fertilisation laboratory features both EmbryoScope and conventional incubators, microinjectors and sperm, egg and embryo banks. Our recovery rooms are spacious, comfortable and include en suite bathrooms. Additionally, we offer offices dedicated to patient services, a large reception area and waiting rooms.

URE Centro Gutenberg is located on Malaga’s Seafront Esplanade in an area that is easily accessible. You can park very close to our clinic as there is both street parking and private parking available. There are hotels in the area which will make it easy to find accommodations near our clinic if you are coming from out of town.