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What to expect during your first visit to our Unit

Firstly, you must begin by requesting your first fertility appointment in the Gutenberg Centre Reproduction Unit. We have provided two ways by which to reach us and request an appointment:

  • By telephone (+34) 952 122 565.
  • Online, by filling in this form.

In both cases, we request that you make certain information available to us in order to better assist you:

  • Reason for your visit.
  • Contact number.
  • Previous treatments/therapies.
  • Diagnostic tests.
  • Medical studies or health records.
  • If you wish to be seen by a specific physician at our Unit.

After receiving this and your contact information, we will assign you a day and a time for your appointment with the doctor. We will also call to confirm 24 to 48 hours prior to the time of your appointment. If you have a partner, we recommend that you come to the appointment together. Also, if you have received assisted reproduction treatments in the past, please bring all of the medical documentation that you can.

During your appointment

Your first appointment will last for approximately one hour. The physician will review your personal medical history, your family history, past and current diseases, your reproductive history, etc. If you have received fertility treatments or have undergone other studies prior to your first visit with us, please bring all of the documentation that you have available to you. This way, the physician will be able to correctly understand your medial history as well as give you a correct diagnosis.

Next, the physician will carry out a thorough gynaecological exam on the woman. On occasion and if the female has a male partner, he will undergo male infertility testing. If needed, the doctor will request certain analyses and additional tests that are necessary in order to give the couple a diagnosis (analyses, hormone studies).

In order to complete your diagnosis we must also evaluate the sperm with a semen analysis (spermiogram). This test allows us to study the concentration of the sperm, their motility, their morphology and possible alterations. If you wish, you can book your first appointment on the same day that the semen analysis (spermiogram) is going to be carried out. You simply need to let us know when booking your appointment.

If the physician has all of the information that is needed, he or she will point you directly towards the treatment that is right for you. Your doctor may even give you an informed consent form. If this is not the case and your doctor still needs additional information, you will be given a second appointment in order to review any test results and determine the treatment that is right for you. At any rate, it is very important that you thoroughly read and sign every page of the informed consent. In this document we explain the features and steps of the assisted reproductive technology that you will be receiving. We also provide details regarding results, risks, pricing, etc.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to call us at any time. We will clear up any doubts that you may have.

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