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What is and how does the ROPA method work?

The ROPA method is one of the treatments available to same-sex female couples who wish to become mothers.

ROPA stands for Reception of Oocytes from the Partner. It is an In Vitro Fertilisation treatment in which both women take part first‑hand in the journey towards motherhood.

The ROPA method makes it possible for both women to actively participate in the process of becoming mothers.

One partner will undergo ovarian stimulation followed by the egg retrieval, while the other will carry out the pregnancy and give birth to their child. Donor semen will be used to fertilise the oocytes in all cases.

Método ROPA | URE Centro Gutenberg

What are the requirements for the ROPA method?

Women who wish to undergo the ROPA method must be married before beginning treatment.

This means that the woman who provides the eggs and the woman who carries the baby will both legally be mothers of the future child.

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Método ROPA | URE Centro Gutenberg