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What is MACS?

MACS - Magnetic Activated Cell SortingMACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting) or Annexin V Columns is a new method used to select sperm which do not show signs of apoptosis (programmed cell death before the sperm are able to fertilize) in order to use them in assisted reproduction treatments.

For patients with elevated levels of sperm DNA fragmentation it has been demonstrated that their sperm have cellular damage. MACS is a sperm preparation technique used to complement other preparation methods. It is designed to be able to select the most functional sperm for fertilization with the egg in cases involving DNA fragmentation.

When is MACS recommended?

  • In patients with high levels of DNA fragmentation.
  • In patients who have had repeated miscarriages.
  • In patients who have had more than two cycles of treatment without gestation.
  • In older men.

The MACS Procedure

The procedure simply requires a sperm sample that will be processed in the laboratory. Sperm are selected using Annexin V Columns. The healthy sperm will be retrieved in order to use them for insemination with the egg.