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Since 2005, the law in Spain affords the same rights and duties to both same-sex and opposite-sex married couples. Currently, there are many female homosexual couples who are interested in undergoing assisted reproduction treatments in order to start their own families.

At present, a married lesbian couple can have children and both women will legally be considered mothers of the children. In order for both women to be regarded as the legal parents of the child, it is very important that they are married before undergoing the assisted reproduction treatment. If the women are not married, however, the child can only be registered in name of the woman who undergoes the pregnancy and birth.

The treatments that a same-sex couple can receive are the same as those that an opposite-sex couple can:

  • Artificial Insemination.
  • In Vitro Fertilization.
  • In Vitro Fertilization with donor eggs.
  • The ROPA technique: egg donation between the recipient and her partner.
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The technique chosen will depend on the specific situation of the female who is going to be receiving the treatment (age, overall health, overall reproductive health, etc.). Each case will be evaluated by a physician.

You only need to keep in mind that donor semen will be used in each case. The donors must pass strict health exams and genetic analyses in order to rule out the possibility of hereditary diseases. The medical team is the body responsible for choosing which donor’s sperm will be utilised. This process guarantees the highest phenotypic and immunological similarities, as well as the greatest possibilities of compatibility with the recipient and her family environment.

For your peace of mind, sperm donation is always anonymous. The donor cannot know who his donation goes to, and the recipient cannot know where the donation has come from.