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uno32 years of experience make us one of the top fertility clinics in Spain. We know what was done before, we know what is done now and we prepare ourselves every day for what is to come.
dosWe work with people. We are conscious of the heavy emotional burdens that accompany fertility problems, and we do all that we can to assure that you feel safe and comfortable. Each case is unique and different, meaning that your care will be tailored to your needs. During your treatment you will form part of “our family”.
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unoOur team. We have a highly qualified team of professionals who know how to work effectively in teams. Physicians, biologists, nurses and assistants all bring admirable professional backgrounds to the table. Our continuing education program allows us to constantly learn about breakthroughs in assisted reproductive technologies, thus keeping us up to date.
dosAlways on the cutting edge. We are committed to the constant advances that are being made in reproductive medicine, and make it an effort to offer both the latest techniques and the best teams in order to optimize success rates. Our medical and laboratory personnel regularly attend both national and international meetings and conferences that address the latest medical advances. Moreover, we often collaborate with the local and national press, clinical studies, publications and other high-level scientific media.
unoGood results. Our good results are the best evidence of our expertise. 95% of our patients would recommend us to others, and our clinic has received excellent overall ratings (information extracted from our patient satisfaction questionnaires integrated in the ISO 9001/2008 Quality Standards). We believe in transparency, and for this reason we collaborate with the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) by sending them all of our data regarding results and techniques. The Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality considers the SEF’s registry as valid for the Spanish National Health System, and thus granted the National Quality Award to the SEF in 2010.